According to Ciena, NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com) will deploy a single-wave 800G line speed solution for Data Center Interconnect (DCI). Deployed with Ciena’s industry-leading WaveLogic 5 Extreme optical platform, NTT Com’s upgraded network can support capacity up to 33.6Tbps per fiber pair between data centers in metro area.

To accommodate the rapid growth of 5G, gaming and cloud services, NTT Com will upgrade its DCI network to be more programmable, resilient and high-capacity.

Since its inception, NTT Com has continued to take on the challenges of the Internet, delivering value in terms of convenience, efficiency and security through connectivity. By upgrading to a high-quality, reliable 800G ultra high-capacity DCI network, we aim to enable our customers to achieve an even more dynamic digital experience and robust business results.

Ciena’s industry-leading WaveLogic 5 Extreme optical platform delivers more capacity and lower power for high bandwidth applications. Using wavelength multiplexing technology, NTT Com’s upgraded network can support capacity up to 33.6Tbps between data centers in metro area. As new requirements from end users emerge, Ciena’s 800G will scale as needed.

With a proven track record of providing scale and capacity in Japan and globally, Ciena’s industry-leading 800G will enable NTT Com to provide a network that can adapt and drive stronger outcomes for end users. This deployment will reinforce our commitment to delivering premium product and service quickly and efficiently.

Ciena's WaveLogic 5 Extreme is a part of Ciena’s fifth generation of coherent optical solutions. With programmable capacity from 200G to 800G, WaveLogic 5 Extreme provides a step-function improvement in both scale and economics, leapfrogging emerging 600G solutions and delivering 50 percent more capacity per wavelength and up to 20 percent increase in spectral efficiency for the same application. WaveLogic 5 Extreme enables following typical applications: 

  • 800Gbps wavelength for shorter reach such as single-span Data Center Interconnect (DCI) in the same city,
  • 600Gbps for metro/regional distances, and
  • 400Gbps across ultra-long-haul routes up to 10,000km. For example, Sparkle has deployed Ciena WaveLogic 5 Extreme on the Curie submarine cable system connecting Chile to the US, using 400Gbps and 450Gbps wavelengths, resulting in an ultimate capacity of up to 19Tbps per fiber pair. 
  • 200Gbps across Trans-Pacific route of more than 13,000km.