Telin had a groundbreaking ceremony on June 4th for its new Cable Landing Station (CLS) near Pantai Mutiara, part of the Bifrost cable system connecting Singapore and North America through Indonesia. 

The Bifrost cable system is a collaboration between Telin, Keppel, and Meta. It directly connects Indonesia to North America, running through Indonesian waters via the Java Sea and the Celebes Sea.

Batam is considered as the first international gateway for Indonesia, with various subsea cable connecting Singapore and the world. Manado follows Batam to be Indonesia’s second international gateway, supporting development in eastern Indonesia. Telin has landed its SEA-US cable system at its Manado Cable Landing Station, directly connecting Indonesia with the United States. The Bifrost cable system will land at the Manado Cable Landing Station.  

This new CLS in Jakarta is unique because it connects Batam and also links the cable from Manado through Jakarta. This innovative route will enhance Telkom Group's network resilience and capacity. It sets a reference for future projects and strengthens Telkom Group's global position. Additionally, it will benefit the Asia-Pacific region, especially Indonesia, by improving connectivity, fostering economic growth, and supporting digital transformation.

Bifrost Cable Route


Spanning approximately 16,000 kilometers, the Bifrost cable system will enhance connectivity between North America and Southeast Asia, with landing points in Guam, Indonesia, California and Singapore. Each location serves a strategic purpose: Guam as an intermediate point, Indonesia connecting Southeast Asia, Singapore and California as a crucial hub for international data traffic.

This Bifrost cable system will address the increasing connectivity needs of Southeast Asia, offering seamless direct connectivity to North America, low latency, and network diversity. It features advanced subsea optical transmission equipment, benefiting businesses, telecom operators, cloud operators, network providers, OTT providers, data centers, enterprises, and consumers with competitive pricing and capacity resiliency.