Chikura Cable Landing Station (Chikura CLS) is located at 2980-15, Chikuracho Seto, Minamiboso-shi, Chiba, 295-0004, Japan, nearby the Boso Flower Line. The Chikura CLS is about 5 km south to the Maruyama Cable Landing Station. The Chikura CLS is now the cable landing station for APCN-2, C2CChina-US CNUnity (EAC Pacific) and SJC submarine cable systems.

The Chikura CLS is owned and operated by KDDI. And KDDI owns a second cable landing station in Chikura, as landing station for FASTER cable. 

Cable Landing Stations in Chikura & Maruyama


Station Name:

  • Chikura Cable Landing Station, or Chikura CLS



  •  2980-15, Chikuracho Seto, Minamiboso-shi, Chiba, 295-0004, Japan 


Station Owner:

  • KDDI


Available Backhaul Providers:

  • KDDI, Colt


Cable Systems: