Buntal Cable Landing Station (Buntal CLS) is located at Lot 86, Salak Land District, Jalan Sultan Tengah @ Jalan Buntal, 93050 Kuching, Malaysia. It is an open cable landing station owned and operated by Sacofa, open access to multiple local service providers for fiber connectivity.

The Buntal CLS takes the advantage of lower power cost in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Sacofa is a state-owned company and a leading ICT infrastructure company in Serawak, Malaysia. Besides the Buntal CLS, Sacofa owns another cable landing station in Mersing. 

Sacofa owns and operates the East-West Submarine (EWS) Cable System connecting the Buntal CLS to Sacofa's Mersing CLS. S


Sacofa Connectivity
Sacofa Connectivity



Station Name:

  • Buntal Cable Landing Station, or Buntal CLS


Station Location:

  • Lot 86, Salak Land District, Jalan Sultan Tengah @ Jalan Buntal, 93050 Kuching, Malaysia


Station Owners:

  • Sacofa


Available Backhaul Providers:

  • Celcom

  • Maxis,

  • Digi,

  • Time,

  • TM,

  • Umobile,

  • YTL,

  • Redtone


Cable Systems:

  • East-West Submarine Cable System