Grid Telecom, the wholly owned subsidiary of the Independent Power Transmission Operator (IPTO) of Greece and Quadrivium Digital, are joining forces to create a new world-class Cable Landing Station (CLS) in Chania, on the northern coast of Crete.

This CLS will be hosted within Quadrivium’s 20MW Interconnection Data Centre (DC) campus and will act as a new node to anchor international subsea cable systems from Asia and Africa crossing the Eastern Mediterranean. It will connect Greece and the broader Balkan – Mediterranean region with Turkey, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Israel, Cyprus, Egypt, all GCC countries, and other East, South, and West destinations.

 Quadrivium’s 20MW Interconnection Data Centre
 Quadrivium’s 20MW Interconnection Data Centre in Chania, image credit: Quadrivium


Grid Telecom and Quadrivium Digital will offer state-of-the-art infrastructure for the secure landing and operation of subsea optical fibre cable systems in Crete, including services for housing the power feeding and subsea line terminating equipment, as well as other mission-critical equipment for interconnection and peering of optical, Ethernet and IP data traffic. Quadrivium’s facility in Chania combines world-class landing infrastructure with a Tier III+ DC, providing a “CLS-within-a-DC” total solution.

A buried borepipe into the sea with eight ducts will provide a cutting-edge solution, compliant with international specifications. Multiple Beach Manholes (BMH) will land subsea cables and connect directly via secure fronthaul into Quadrivium’s Tier III+ DC. As part of this development, Grid Telecom will provide diverse and highly reliable backhaul network to all existing and new DCs on the island of Crete, the Greek mainland, as well as in neighboring countries, leveraging its capabilities to interconnect securely through its terrestrial and subsea networks.

The strategic partnership between Grid Telecom and Quadrivium Digital will bring advanced data transport solutions to the market, creating a new telecommunications corridor between Europe and the Middle East. Leveraging the strategic position of Crete, it will create a new super hub through alternative low latency paths to most destinations in South Eastern Europe, Turkey, Egypt, Cyprus, Israel, and the Arabian Peninsula.

The Chairman of Grid Telecom, Mr. Kostas Agathakis, said: 

"We are continually looking for ways to strategically expand our services to partners and customers. In this framework, our plans to partner with Quadrivium Digital in building a new CLS in Crete will significantly support the implementation of new, international alternative routes. Moreover, it will enhance the strategic role of Crete as a crucial open access interconnection node in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Balkans”. 

The CEO of Quadrivium, Aditya Ayyagari, said:

Chania is the Eastern-most location where international networks can peer within the European Union’s regulatory and commercial framework, with 10-15 ms latencies into Greece, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt, Israel and GCC countries – cutting latencies into Marseille by half. This strategic partnership with IPTO and Grid Telecom creates a combined landing and interconnection solution which helps subsea cable consortiums completely eliminate costly and time-consuming permitting processes and landing infrastructure construction. Furthermore, the ability to directly cross-connect with other subsea cables, backhaul carriers and digital platforms within Quadrivium’s Interconnection Data Centre creates a rich ecosystem that brings digital transformation to Greece, Crete, and the Municipality of Chania.

The Chairman and CEO of IPTO, Manos Manousakis, stated:

"IPTO is building critical infrastructure for tomorrow's electricity and telecommunications backbone networks throughout Greece and beyond, contributing to Greece’s transformation into a critical energy and data hub of high geopolitical value at the crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia. Neutral Data Centers and open-access cable landing stations create synergies and add value, which is why we highly value the strategic cooperation between IPTO’s subsidiary, Grid Telecom and Quadrivium. In this framework, leveraging on the strategic geographical position of Crete, creates win-win business opportunities and brings innovative total telecommunications solutions, enhancing the strategic role of Greece as a neutral open-access connectivity node in the broader Balkans – Mediterranean region."