Jacksonville Cable Landing Station (Jacksonville CLS)  is located at 421 W Church Street Jacksonville, FL 32202, USA.

The Jacksonville CLS is also known as the Jacksonville’s Network Access Point (JaxNAP).

The Jacksonville CLS (JaxNAP) is now cable landing station for the AMX-1 cable system and the Pacific Caribbean Cable System (PCCS). The CONFLUENCE-1 cable system will lands at the Jacksonville CLS.

As the only peering exchange located in the Northeast Florida area, JaxNAP serves as the sponsoring host of the Jacksonville Internet Exchange (JXIX). The JXIX facilitates simple peering between Google, Akamai, and a variety of other high-traffic networks. As an alternative of the “NAP of the Americas” in Miami, the JaxNAP serves as an Internet exchange for traffic heading to South America and Latin America. 


Station Name:

  • Jacksonville Cable Landing Station, or Jacksonville CLS


Station Location:

  • 421 W Church Street Jacksonville, FL 32202, USA


Station Owner:

  • JaxNAP


Available Backhaul Providers:

  • JaxNAP is a Carrier Hotel with 20+ international & regional fiber providers, such as CenturyLink, WindStream, etc.


Submarine Cable Systems: