Equinix MI1 data center (Miami NAP of America) is located at 50 NE 9th Street, Miami, FL 33132, USA. It is a six-story building, with a total capacity of 750,000 sq. ft.

The Miami NAP was a flagship data center of Terremark Worldwide. In 2011, Terremark Worldwide was sold to Verizon for $2 billion. In 2017, Equinix acquired Verizon's data center assets for $3.6 billion, covering 29 data centers across 15 markets from Verizon Communications, including the Miami NAP which was rebranded as Equinix MI1.

Equinix MI1 (Miami NAP) is one of the largest Internet exchange points in the U.S., and a global gateway to Latin America and Caribbean markets.

Equinix MI1 (Miami NAP) hosts more than 130 global networks, almost half of them based in Latin America and Caribbean markets.

Equinix provides termination points for several international subsea cable systems between North America and Brazil, including Monet and GlobeNet in Equinix MI3 facility, which can be accessed from Equinix MI1, or any other facility in the Equinix Miami campus via various high-speed dark fiber backbones. 


Equinix MI1-Miami NAP
Equinix MI1-Miami NAP of America