The Cromer Cable Landing Station (Cromer CLS) is located at 9 Dympna Street, Cromer NSW 2099, Australia, in the north of Sydney CBD.

The Cromer CLS is the terminal station for the PPC-1 cable system which lands at the Collaroy Beach of the Northern Sydney Submarine Cable Protection Zone.

The Cromer CLS is owned and operated by PIPE Networks, an earlier start-up company co-founded by the Australian technology entrepreneur Bevan Slattery. PIPE Networks was sold to TPG Telecom Ltd in 2010 for $373 million.

 Cromer Cable Landing Station


Station Name:

  • Cromer Cable Landing Station, or Cromer CLS


Station Location:

  • 9 Dympna Street, Cromer NSW 2099, Australia (33°43'58.9"S 151°16'51.5"E)


Station Owner:

  • Pipe Networks/TPG


Available Backhaul Providers:

  • Pipe Networks/ TPG


Cable Systems: