According to Infinera, Infinera announced the completion of a major upgrade to Australia-Japan Cable’s (AJC) submarine cable system connecting Australia, Guam and Japan. AJC tripled lit capacity on its 12,700-kilometer subsea cable system by upgrading their Infinera DTN-X network with Infinera’s fourth generation optical engine – ICE4 (Infinite Capacity Engine).

The network upgrade also delivers a 60 percent end-of-life capacity increase to AJC’s trans-Pacific cable system.

AJC first deployed Infinera’s subsea solution in 2014. The recent capacity upgrade with ICE4 was achieved without service interruption and enables AJC to rapidly activate new capacity for customers with Infinera Instant Bandwidth.

Instant Bandwidth allows AJC to quickly activate and pay for additional capacity when needed, reducing the initial cost of deployment and much of the up-front commercial risk.

The AJC cable system was initially designed with 10Gbps DWDM technology and was ready for service in 2001, with a design life to 2026. AJC was upgraded with 40G technology in mid 2012 and with 100G technology in late 2013 and early 2014.  Another 100G upgrade was completed in September 2018 which resulted in AJC equipped to about 5,000Gbit/s Australia-Guam-Japan with a potential capability to over 10,000Gbit/s, enabling further upgrades as required.