According to the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the Nigerian branch of Google's Equiano cable system, WIOCC Nigeria Limited partners with Google as the landing partner in Nigeria for the Equiano cable system, to secure local permits and build a new cable landing station in Lagos.

The Equiano cable system is the third private international cable owned by Google and the 14th subsea cable invested by Google

The Equiano cable system comprises a main trunk of approximately 15,000 km in length, from Sesimbra (Portugal) to Melkbosstrand (South Africa), running along the West Coast of Africa, with branching units along the way that can be used to extend connectivity to additional African countries. The Nigeria branch is the first confirmed branch of the Equiano cable system. 


Equiano Cable Map
Equiano’s planned route and branching units, Source: Google


Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) was selected by Google as the supplier and installer of the Equiano cable system, designed with ASN's state-of-the-art space-division multiplexing (SDM) technology. The SDM technology was first deployed in Google's private subsea cable, Dunant.

According to the ESIA document, the Equiano cable system is to be installed in phases. The first phase (“Baseline System”) will entail the installation of cable landings at, but not limited to:

  • Portugal: Lisbon (Sesimbra).
  • Nigeria: Lagos.
  • St Helena: Rupert’s Bay.
  • South Africa: Melkbosstrand.

The Equiano cable landing site is located on Elegushi beach, near Yemi Adetayo Street, Elegushi, Lekki, Lagos.

WIOCC has acquired the land to build the new cable landing station, i.e., Plot 99 and Plot 100 within the Maiyegun Tourism and Recreational Zone, Lekki Phase II, Lagos. A Beach Manhole (BMH), which is the structure where the subsea portion of the cable is connected to the terrestrial system components, will be located inside the boundary fence of land acquired by WIOCC. A System Earth or Ocean Ground Bed (OGB) will likely be located within the plot for the cable landing station as well.

The Nigerian branch of the Equiano cable system will extend from the branching unit to the trunk and pass through the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and the Territorial Waters to the landing site at Elegushi beach where it will be connected to the Beach Manhole (BMH). The cable meets the boundary of the EEZ at a point with a direct linear distance of about 452 km from the landing site.


Equiano Cable Landing Station in Lagos
Equiano Cable Landing Station in Lagos, Source: ESIA for the Nigerian branch of Equiano cable system