The Asia Pacific Cable Network (APCN) is a consortium Intra-Asia submarine cable system linking Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. The APCN consists of two fiber pairs stretching 12083 km, with a design capacity of 5 Gbps.

The APCN Australian Extension (also know as JASURAUS) connects Australia (Port Hedland) with Indonesia (Jakarta), and brings Australia to the Asia Pacific Cable Network.


Cable System:

  • Asia Pacific Cable Network, or APCN

Cable Length:

  • 12,083 Km

Design Capacity:

  • 5 Gbps (2xSTM-16)
  • 2 fiber pairs
  • 1 fiber pair for the APCN Australian Extension (JASURAUS)

Lit Capacity:

  • 5 Gbps 

Ready for Service Date:

  • January 1997

Investment Type:

  • Consortium


  • KDDI
  • Korea Telecom
  • Chunghwa Telecom
  • Cable & Wireless (Reach)
  • PLDT
  • SingTel
  • Telekom Indonesia
  • CAT Thailand
  • Telstra
  • etc

Initial Investment:

  • approximately US$500 million

Landing Stations:


  • KDD-SCS 
  • AT&T-SSI
  • Alcatel Submarine Networks

APCN Submarine Cable Map:

APCN Cable Map