Beijing, December 20, 2011 --  The APG Cable Consortium finally concluded and signed today in Beijing the  agreement for construction and maintenance of the Asia Pacific Gateway submarine cable system (APG C&MA). The APG Cable Consortium comprises Chunghwa Telecom (Taiwan), KT Corporation (Korea),  NTT Com (Japan) and many others members from Mainland China, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and the United States, etc.. The APG C&MA is expected to be effective by March 2012. The APG cable supply contract was awarded to NEC today as well.

The APG cable system is designed with the latest 40 Gbps wavelength technology and is designed to accommodate 100 Gbps wavelength technology for increasing efficiency and high-capacity. The total design capacity is up to 54.8Tbps. The APG cable system is designed to land in 11 cable landing stations in Korea, Japan, Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Singapore and others. And the APG cable system is scheduled to launch by June 2014.

The APG cable system will be one of the most important next generation submarine cable systems in Asia, the others include the Asia Submarine-cable Express (ASE) and the South-East Asia Japan Cable (SJC) which both were concluded to construct in this year.  It is not only the growing demands on capacity but also the concerns on infrastructure diversity that drives the APG Cable Consortium to reach this milestone. 

Many members of the APG Cable Consortium have been exhausted all their efforts to achieve this signification milestone. The APG Cable Consortium was initiated in early 2009 and reached an MOU in May 2009. In its three-year running, there were many difficulties, some initial MOU members stepped out, and some new faces walked in. As said by KT Corp of Korea today, they have finally teamed up 14 members to invest and construct this important pan-Asia infrastructure, the Asia Pacific Gateway Cable Network.

Congratulation! The Asia Pacific Gateway Cable Consortium. 

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