APG NOC opening ceremony is hosted by KT in Busan Cable Landing Station today. Korean officials from the Ministry of Information and Communications, Congress, and the Mayor of Busan City presented in the APG NOC opening ceremony. Executive representatives from the APG consortium members including China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile, Chunghwa Telecom and the APG cable system supplier NEC participated in the APG NOC opening ceremony.

APG NOC Opening Ceremony

Source of picture: Olleh

KT CEO Hwang Chang-gyu (third from right) and ICT Minister Choi Yang-hee (third from left), China Unicom Executive Yan Bo (first from left) and other Korean officials launched the APG NOC in Haeundae, Busan

Busan CLS is one of the most importance cable landing stations in Korea. APCN-2, China Unicom, KJCN, APG and other cable system lands in Busan CLS, and the New Cross Pacific is going to land in Busan CLS as well. Busan CLS seamlessly hooks up Korea with the US, Asian countries and Russia.

With its rich experience in the operation and maintenance of submarine cable systems, KT was selected by the APG consortium members to act as the Chief Network Operation Center for APG Submarine Cable System (APG NOC ) in last year.

The opening of APG NOC as scheduled represents a commitment of KT Corporation to serve the APG consortium members in a timely manner, which is also a fundamental requirement for the APG NOC to deal with O&M issues in the future. 

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