The Korea Times reported on Tuesday, KT has been named as the chief network operation center (NOC) for the Asia-Pacific Gateway (APG) cable system. This is a milestone for the on-going  APG cable project. Congratulations to KT.

KT said it will be in charge of running the network operation center (NOC) for the APG cable system, which will connect Korea to Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and other countries. The APG cable system is expected to be ready for service by the end of 2014.

“We won the deal thanks to our expertise and proven track record in submarine cable management,” said KT spokesman Seung-hyuck Jeong.

KT will be responsible to fix potential systemic errors and control disasters. “That literally means that KT will play the role as the ‘control tower’ for the cable,” said the spokesman.

Besides the Chief NOC, there are several other key roles for the management and operation of the APG cable system, similar as in other consortium cables:

  • Backup NOC
  • Chairman of the Assignment, Routing and Restoration Sub Committee (AR&R SC)
  • Network Administrator (NA): responsible for the capacity assignment and activation.
  • Overall.Restoration Liaison Officer (ORLO): responsible for the restoration plan and supervise its implementation.
  • Central Billing Party (CBP): responsible for accounting and settlement issues.