Previously in Indonesia, the two main submarine fiber optic cable system connecting Indonesia to the rest of the world (through Singapore) are APCN and SEA-ME-WE3, both owned by a consortium of incumbent operators. As the activation of the Matrix Cable System which offers PoP-PoP, high bandwidth connectivity between Singapore and Indonesia, much cheaper bandwidth solution is therefore available in Indonesia.

Fast Speed Networks & Matrix Cable System

As the reseller of MCS (Matrix Cable System), Fast Speed Networks is able to sell IRU (Indefeasible Right of Use) and bandwidth usage under a long-term lease contract with them. Fast Speed Networks represents this first private-owned company that owns a ‘full circuit’ POP to POP (Point of Presence).

FSN offers a submarine fiber optic cable that spans 1055km from Singapore to Jakarta constructed by MCS. MCS itself is undertaken by two companies: PT NAP Info Lintas Nusa in Indonesia and Matrix Networks Pte Ltd in Singapore. Each entity is validly and legally established and holds the necessary licenses/permits to operate in its respective jurisdictions.

Long Term Lease: A Much Cheaper Solution

It’s a general common sense that by committing to a long-term lease, one can get anything they want at a much cheaper price. This is where Fast Speed Networks sees an opportunity to put an investment in bandwidth capacity. We specialize in providing a refinancing solution by releasing and reselling bandwidth capacity to customers, thus resulting in more competitive price, without reducing the higher quality. With the recent increase of Internet use, FSN is confident of the growth of bandwidth demand in Indonesia for the next 10 to 15 years.

Fast Speed Networks provides high-grade bandwidth connectivity between major data centers/internet exchanges in Singapore and Jakarta. Currently, FSN and MCS have a close working relationship with each other. Together, we are committed to provide the best solution for you.