Sparkle announced the activation of commercial service in the first section of the BlueMed submarine cable connecting Palermo with Genoa to Milan on September 7, 2023. Operators, ISPs, enterprises, and institutions will benefit from connections at multiples of 100 or 400 Gbps with a latency reduced by 50% compared to the terrestrial cables connecting Sicily with Milan.
BlueMed Cable Map
BlueMed Cable Map, Image courtesy: Sparkle


BlueMed is Sparkle's new cable that will connect Italy with France, Greece and several countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea all the way to Aqaba in Jordan. The cable is part of the Blue & Raman Submarine Cable Systems, built in partnership with Google and other operators and that will extend to Mumbai in India.
Fully integrated with Sparkle's network, BlueMed increases its resilience by offering a safe and diverse route between Sicily and Milan, in addition to the existing terrestrial backbones. Thanks to the security of the submarine route, BlueMed provides ultra-high-speed connectivity and performance that are unique to date. 

Each fiber pair is lit with innovative transmission platform with throughput of 30 Terabits per second (Tbps), which is currently the highest submarine backbone capacity per fiber pair in service in the Mediterranean region, destined to increase as the technology evolves further. 

The Sicily Hub neutral data center in Palermo - technological heart and intelligence of the Sparkle network, already connected with eighteen international cables landing in Sicily - is enriched with this new and innovative route to continental Europe for the benefit of service providers in Africa and the Middle East as well as of content providers exchanging traffic and digital applications on the island.

The Genoa Digital Hub in Lagaccio - an open and neutral colocation facility, new interconnection point for terrestrial networks and international submarine cables including Blue & Raman Submarine Cable Systems - sees the first traffic flows activated with potential to develop the city's ecosystem. The hub is also set for significant growth thanks to the Genoa Landing Platform - infrastructure designed to ensure, in addition to Blue-Raman and BlueMed, the sustainable landing of up to six new submarine cables seeking diversified access to major European hubs - and the newly established Ge-DIX exchange point.

The fiber optic system ends its journey at the Milan hub, which has become a rich, high-growth digital ecosystem in recent years. The submarine system's attestation is developed within the STACK campus in Siziano, that offers a wide range of connectivity solutions and can connect all data centers in the Milan area as well as major national and international providers.

After the Palermo-Genoa-Milan route, activations will follow to Pomezia (Rome), Golfo Aranci (Sardinia), Bastia (Corsica) and Marseille planned by the end of 2023, and then during 2024 the other routes in the Central and Eastern Mediterranean.