The FCC announced on April 11, 2024 the grant of authority for the assignment and transfer of control of the cable landing license for the SEA-US cable system from RAM Telecom International, Inc. to Michael Wyse, a citizen of the United States.

The SEA-US cable system connects Indonesia, the Philippines, and the United States (Guam, Hawaii and Los Angeles).

The SEA-US consortium consists of PT. Telekomunikasi Indonesia International (Telin), Globe Telecom, RAM Telecom International (RTI), Hawaiian Telcom, Teleguam Holdings (GTA), GTI Corporation and Telkom USA.

RAM Telecom International serves as the Los Angeles landing party for the SEA-US to land it at the Hermosa Beach Cable Landing Station which was then owned by RTI Infrastructure Inc.. 

RTI Infrastructure and RAM Telecom International were sister companies under the same RTI Group (also known as RTI Cables), but going seperate ways after long lasting lawsuit against each other and affiliated parties. RTI Infrastructure is now doing business as HMB IX, while RAM Telecom International has been received by creditor due to default on outstanding payment of more than $38million. 

According to the FCC, notification filed on October 30, 2023, of the involuntary assignment of assets and interests held by RAM Telecom International, Inc. (RAM-T) in the cable landing licenses for the SEA-US to Michael Wyse as the court-appointed receiver for RAM Telecom International, Inc. as Debtor Under the Receivership of Michael Wyse.

RAM-T, a Delaware company, is a licensee of SEA-US that connects the continental United States to Guam, Hawaii, the Philippines, and Indonesia. This transaction does not affect the remaining interests held by the other licensees of SEA-US.

Poseidon International Connectivity II, LLC (Poseidon SEA-US Lender) is the sole lender of record and secured creditor to RAM-T and the holder of security interests in certain assets and interests including the interests held by RAM-T in SEA-US. In an effort to enforce its rights under the credit agreements, on August 15, 2023, Poseidon SEA-US Lender entered into a Transaction Support Agreement that provides for it to obtain a receiver to operate, manage, and control of RAM-T's interests in SEA-US during the pendency of the debt restructuring process. Concurrently with the execution of the Transaction Support Agreement, on August 15, 2023, Poseidon SEA-US Lender filed a petition with the Court of Chancery of the State of Delaware (Chancery Court) seeking the appointment of the independent receivers and managers over RAM-T's relevant assets pursuant to the provisions of the credit agreements. On September 5, 2023, the Chancery Court issued an order approving that request and appointing Michael Wyse as the receiver.

Poseidon International Connectivity II, LLC is a Delaware Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on April 11, 2023.  

Meanwhile, the FCC also granted the assignment and transfer of control of cable landing licenses for the Japan-Guam-Australia North cable system (JGA North) and the Japan-Guam-Australia South cable system (JGA South) from RTI JGA Pte Ltd. (RTI JGA) and RTI Connectivity Pte. Ltd. (RTI-C) to Jason Aleksander Kardachi, both citizens of Australia.

In this January, I Squared Capital-backed Lightstorm announced that it has signed asset purchase agreements with court-appointed receivers in both Delaware and Singapore to acquire three submarine cables, including the JGA-North as well as significant portions of the JGA-South and SEA-US cable systems, formerly owned by RTI Cables.